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Health Care Essay: Benefits and Disadvantages of X-Ray Application

Discuss the Use Of X-Rays in the Medical Environment

Taking x-ray irradiation into consideration, one should note certain key factors which allow or disallow the justification of the mentioned procedure. The disadvantages appear when a doctor uses lethal doses of irradiation. The facts which help to defend the usage of roentgen is its irreplaceability in treating certain health conditions. Therefore, one should use electromagnetic irradiation due to the higher importance of its application over the harmful effects.

First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the disadvantages of X-ray use. According to Zhekova-Maradzhieva et al., the main harmful consequences appear when one uses lethal doses of irradiation. Among these destructive outcomes are intense and constant radiation diseases, skin sings, and others (163). Moreover, the probable harmful effects include cancer in newborns, and the carcinogenic results of the irradiated people (163). Therefore, the usage of roentgen rays has serious consequences for human health.

Further, the advantages of X-ray use should be discussed. In general, these diagnostics are indispensable in certain cases, as when there arises a need to control the healing of a patient’s injury and avoid health complications after bone fractures (Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz 6). Moreover, the computed tomography as electromagnetic ray variation is vital when there arises a necessity to check the condition of the head traumas (6-7). Therefore, the use of x-rays in certain cases is irreplaceable.

The aim of this paper was to compare the benefits and disadvantages of the application of x-rays. Based on the readings, it is reasonable to state that healthcare should include the use of roentgen irradiation due to the prevalence of its useful features. Possible abnormalities appear mainly when excessive doses of irradiation are applied. Meanwhile, the benefits include the usefulness of the x-ray in treating certain illnesses.

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The development of modern medicine is rapid and impressive. However, some of the traditional methods such as X-rays still remain irreplaceable. In the medicine essay above, one of our writers compares the advantages and disadvantages of the roentgen application in the medical environment. Does the utility of using X-rays justify its harmfulness?

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